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What We Do

License and Enterprise Appraisals

TFC produces a comprehensive review of the management, resource and market for each license included in the appraisal. Combined with TFC’s knowledge of the current supply and demand of each license, this information is used to determine a market value. These appraisals have been used for securing financing, re-financing, estate planning, insurance purposes, etc. Previous clients have ranged from individual harvesters and owner-operators to multinational harvesting and processing corporations.

Processing Equipment Appraisals

TFC will inventory and assess the resale and replacement values of the processing equipment within a plant. This process involves physically visiting the plant, recording the serial number and condition of each processing item as well as photographing it. Based on these records, TFC then consults with the manufacturers of the equipment as well as knowledgeable industry representatives to determine the current value of the equipment in its "as-is" condition, as well as the cost to replace the item with its nearest equivalent. This information can be used for insurance purposes, asset appraisals, business planning etc. TFC has also appraised processing licenses and aquaculture leases in the past.

Business Plan Development

TFC can develop a business plan to assist clients begin or expand their fishing enterprise. This process includes five-year financial projections and cash flows, resource and market assessments of the species in question, as well as developing a repayment schedule. In the past, TFC has also assisted clients source financing.

Seafood Processing Efficiency Analysis

TFC can unobtrusively assess the efficiency of at-sea or shore-based processing facilities. These assessments provide a “fresh set of eyes” to processing procedures. In previous assessments, TFC's recommendations have saved clients over $1 million in operating expenses annually.

Sourcing/Leasing Quotas and Raw Material

TFC can assist harvesters find quotas available for sale or lease. Similarly, TFC can help processing corporations identify sources of raw material. With extensive contacts in the fishing industry throughout Atlantic Canada, TFC can help determine solutions to suit your raw material requirements.

Feasibility Studies

TFC can assess the socio-economic and financial feasibility of marine-related projects. In one study, TFC examined the practicality of using a secondary vessel to transport catches from Nunavut fishing grounds to Newfoundland to maximize fishing days. Another project considered the possibility of establishing and operating an integrated seafood processing facility. TFC's experienced and qualified team is able to assess the viability of most marine undertakings.

Strategic Planning

Similar to the feasibility study, TFC offers strategic planning services for the fishing and marine industries. These projects involve long-range thinking, realistic assessments of the status quo and recommendations for future growth. TFC can facilitate this planning, and where necessary, conduct stakeholder consultations.

Industry Representation

TFC offers harvester representation services. This includes marketing assistance to maximize returns or preparing appeals to management bodies (e.g. Fisheries and Oceans Canada) on behalf of the client. TFC has extensive experience in seafood marketing and a thorough understanding of the federal and provincial fishing regulations.

Seafood Brokerage

TFC offers seafood brokerage services for a variety of species including snow crab, lobster, coldwater shrimp, scallops, groundfish, mackerel, herring, mussels, etc. These services can include procurement, marketing, and quota sourcing/leasing.